Antique American Made Barometers
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American- Rare Bow front stick, dark mahogany burl veneer finish, tube hidden, brass register plates, size is 4" x 39", with Charles Wilder Thermometer, signed "P. Poolsen, New York", circa 1865. (Note-may be the only American Bow front barometer in existence?)

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American-Traditional stick with bottom rope molding, appears to be stained solid cherry wood, size is 3" x 40", signed "Timby 1857", circa 1860.


American-Rare stick of unique unparalleled design, stained solid maple, paper register plates, size is 7" x 38", signed "F. C. D. McKay Jr., Elmira, NY", circa 1850-(Note-may be the only American type barometer that has survived)

$8,500 - ON HOLD

American-Stick -veneer stained maple, brass register plates, size is 5" x 39", cast iron cistern, signed "Charles Wilder, Peterboro, NH, June 1861.", circa 1865.


American-Stick -solid stained maple, paper register plates, size is 4" x 41", signed "E. C. Spooner, Boston", circa 1865.