is going out of business in 2013. Inquire about any barometer for a discounted price, including any now marked as on hold.

BAROMETER.WS is a company devoted to the education, restoration, preservation, and sale of rare and collectible barometers made between 1660 to 1900. For sale are many rare, working barometers, never before offered to the public. BAROMETER.WS has traveled to several continents to purchase a variety of barometers, most of them pictured on this web site.

The primary use of the barometer, by scientist and the public alike, was to measure air pressure so that predictions could reasonably be made to determine a weather forecast. Simply put, a rising barometer, or an increase in air pressure, is an indication of good weather ahead, and a falling barometer, or falling air pressure, is an indication of foul weather.

This website has been designed to revive and promote interest in antique weather instruments, specifically the barometer. At one time, without the advent of the weather forecast we now regularly see on television, sailors, farmers, and families alike, worldwide, depended on these instruments to predict their weather, to save their lives and property. As recent as 1938, a huge hurricane devastated much of New England with almost 700 lives lost, however, it was those that possessed a working barometer that had the knowledge a falling barometer offered, which probably saved their lives. Even as recent as 1938, weather forecasters could not predict the path of these large ocean storms or hurricanes.

"On September 21, the Great Hurricane of 1938 devastated the New England states. That morning a man in West Hampton Beach received a barometer in the mail. The needle was stuck on "Storm". Disgusted, and thinking it was defective, he marched back to the Post Office and mailed the instrument back to the store from which he had purchased it. When he returned, his home was gone. -- Our Fascinating Earth.

And who knows, if your local power company, or your link to the world shuts down, whether for a day or longer, once again you will rely on these weather instruments to forecast your weather, much as they performed for over 200 years throughout the world. How many antiques in your home can you say helped saved lives worldwide for over 200 years?