BAROMETER.WS has only cleaned, lubricated, and replaced integral moving parts as necessary on the barometers for sale. By no means has a full restoration been performed. We believe that antiques should show their age and some wear. However, should you want a full restoration to bring any barometer back to original manufacturer's condition, there is only one shop in the USA that we are aware of that still blows glass tubes, resilvers dials, etc. For comparison, we have found over 15 shops in England alone that perform full barometer restorations. Also, there are still a few shops in England that still make new mercury barometers and parts for our antique barometers, with an extensive on-line catalog. The largest public, and only antique barometer museum is also located in Devon, England. Be mindful, due to shipping regulations, most shops in England will not ship mercury, so it best to deal with a local restoration shop in the USA.