Enclosed you will find an almost complete sampling of the various types of barometers produced. This collection is the largest collection of its kind for sale in the world. Collecting rare and antique barometers, though quite popular in England, as yet to "catch on" in America. The earliest American barometers we could find, did not date before 1840, and most of these were not contained in elaborate or ornate cases, as compared to the English variety. In this collection are some of the most rare American barometers ever seen, including a bow fronted American stick variety. It seems America was to busy becoming a nation to be concerned about fine barometer making. It is indeed extremely rare today, to find a nice American barometer.

Antique barometers have and will always maintain and should, like any rarity, increase in value. I have seen records of sales exceeding $900,000 for a single hard to find barometer. In England, prices between $100,000 to $150,000, for certain barometers, are not uncommon at high end auctions and antique shows.

Every fine home should have at least one graceful barometer marking it's entry. These instruments require almost no maintenance, other than a dusting once or twice a year. The tubes often last 30-50 years before needing replacement or cleaning. And when the power goes out, you still have weather forecasting at your fingertips.